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Coolbox, cooler, cooler box, trunk, trommel call it what you want, but know that there is only one true cool box that can keep everything cold for days in the hottest of circumstances, and that is the KALAHARI COOLER.

Known to the people of the Northern Cape in South Africa for more than three decades, and lasting just as long, the KALAHARI COOLER has become part of families of all walks of life. Farmers, hunters, adventurers, campers and those who know what challenges the intense heat of the Kalahari Desert throws at you.

The KALAHARI COOLER is built from light weight galvanised sheets, polystyrene insulation and soldered for maximum effectivity. Each one built by hand and with a decade old craftsmanship and skill set. It easily holds ice for up to three days if not more depending on temperature and exposure.

The amount paid for a KALAHARI COOLER might not be the cheapest you have ever paid for a cooler but it will certainly be the last cooler you buy for a very long time. If handled with respect the cooler will give you service for a life time, it’s not delicate or petite though. It doesn’t mind standing in the sun on the back of bakkie, being sat on or being too close to that very large fire you make on a Friday evening.

It builds character as the years pass, a few bumps and scratches on the surface but your beverages and meat will still be as cold as you intend for them to be. The various range of sizes supplied makes it perfect for….well just about any occasion that something needs to be kept cold without the means of electricity. Safari’s, camping trips, birthday parties, outdoor functions and that once in a year hunting expedition that you just have to bring some meat home the family as proof that you actually hunted this time around.

Get yours today and it would be the last time you even have to consider which cooler to take on that next expedition.

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